About Me


Welcome to my blog.

As an introduction, i'd like to inform you, the reader, that i am not Novel level of writing specially using English. Anywhere in any of my article(s) mistakes about grammar do happen, even in this sentence. That because English is not my native language. I love reading, watching movies or videos and listening to music, Through this, I have improvement and can express thoughts I believe you can understand.

If you read Elman or Beluan in this site, you probably have question: What he's family name really? I've been asked that once. It's BELUAN. But why ELMAN?

I've been using Elman as family name after college graduation. Before graduation our school asked graduating students to submit birth certificate from Philippines Statistic Authority (PSA) formerly National Statistics Office (NSO). Because some of the certificates submitted to the school came from Civil Registrar Office. The certificate PSA gave was faded, indicating that the certificate have aged already, the reason some of the letters cannot be read correctly. The letter B was gone, and because letter U was written cursive way, it can be read clearly as letter M rather than letter U, which result to ELMAN.

You are here, because, i think you are just curious about what content this page could have. Well I can say I am just a random dude similar on what you can see hanging out on the streets.

Currently living in an apartment somewhere in Davao City, Philippines. I worked as a home based web programmer.

The title of this page says about me but there is nothing much about me that the world will come in and be amazed. I am a talkative in person, love to talk about random things that have sense.

I really wanted to have my own blog site where I can express my thoughts and my learning about different aspects of knowledge. Aside programming, I am also interested in History, Physics, Astronomy, Business and Politics.

I tried blogging before using early version of WordPress and hosted it in some free hosting sites but they take it down. No hurt feeling though because they have absolute right of doing so because it's free.


I graduated a Computer Science course in Caraga State University (CSU) in 2011. This was not my first choice, in fact after high school I don't know what course to study in college. And another fact I was thinking that the best career there is in this world is being an astronaut. I was really fascinated reading how Neil Armstrong got the moon, enjoy reading space probes, about the skylab and another fact, that was an impossible dream haha.

Another interest of mine is art and freehand sketch. Here's the sample

Back to college, I am not slow or excellent, but i do have ingenuity to pass all the mathematics lessons specially the 18 units of Calculus with analytic geometry. My favorite subject is computer programming because it's like an art and easy for me and I enjoyed solving problems about it. In our graphics subject which used C programming language only two of us passed the subject. Calculus and Physics help me to solved problems related to animations and problems related to angles.

I have great interest in computer programming back then. When i learned during the college orientation that we have 10 hrs internet access allocated to help with our study. I used this time to download programming codes and try understand it in our laboratories. I even set in with another class so that i can use computer for me to debug problems. I also observe seniors on laboratory and learn strategy and also borrowed books from our library to dig in.

I also participated programming competitions and even enrolled subjects that's not part of my curriculum to learn web development and other related lessons. I used to think today, that if i had my own computer back then, i may create something innovative or if i learn about some key persons life, like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg i may be inspired by them to create something.

CSU was located in Ampayon Butuan City. When I enrolled to the institution, it's name was Northern Mindanao State Institute of Science and Technology (NORMISIST) which known for only few students will graduate of a 4 year course due to hectic competition and strict grading system. And in 2010 when my best friend become a Governor of our college that it became a university. It's not my friend that is the reason, but it just happen also at those time.

The only thing you need to survive in this university is to pass 3 major exams and quizzes. Projects are optional. Attendance and extra curricular activities are not counted but encourage of participation a such.

I attended high school in Agusan National High School (ANHS). It was just located at the back of our house and Elementary in Butuan City, Philippines.

Characters, Life and Lessons

I can describe myself as a lone wolf or loner. Though the definition of being a loner means a person who avoids or does not actively seek human interaction or relationships. It's not true at all times, i read in some culture describe it as a positive personality trait, as indicative of being independent and responsible.

A lone wolf because at most time at peace in solitude and i have this habit of holding a stick while imagining thing or stories which i prefer doing it in private. While in private and in a state of imagination, i used to hit my palm with stick i'm holding but not to the point i got hurt and sometimes i used to act it. Family members know this, they have observed it and they think that if i keep doing this, i will develop mental illness one day.

Have you seen the movie A Beautiful Mind? kind of like that but I don't have Paranoid schizophrenia . It's just i am more creative that way. Today i still doing that, but mostly i hold a pen and play it  something like this while thinking. It help me going in depth in diagnosing problem or understanding some concepts.

I hate when someone want to help me when i struggle at something i was doing. Because i believe i could have a solution it's just i can't figure it out yet. This is still true today, I loved to help but not being helped, i just want to do it alone.

When i say i'm a loner doesn't mean i don't have capability of making friends. I do have friends or barkada where we call ourselves "kaberkz" which form during college days because we get together most of the time.

I exert these characters today, therefore I could say that the old saying are true.

For what you are as a child is the same as an adult.

But when I am doing something that I enjoy, I don't care how much time it takes as long as it adhere to great precision, organize and clean.


This single word belief is the critical topic or concept in society. Wars happens because of the conflict of this, it affects our decision making in everyday. Through the years of keep on reading anything, watching videos and listening to people that debate or talked regarding this matter, my understanding on the subject has reach also at different level.

People's interest varies on the level of intelligence. For example average people are more interested in topics that happens within the community, how to play music or current Netflix series. While the above average people are interested on the natural cause why it's happening. Therefore I may describe me as a rational person because i conformed that there should be a reason. A reason that make sense base of logic rather than magic.

But common people often choose to conform to society rather than to pursue personal desires because it is often easier to follow the path others have made already, rather than creating a new one.

I loved reading and being informed about the ideas in religion, history and respect ones opinion and culture. This are what composed us being a human. But I cannot call myself a devoted person though I am a member of Roman Catholic Church.

As I listen to one of Neil DeGrasse Tyson podcast. He defined three kinds of truth, and that is: Objective truth, Personal truth and Political Truth. I let you Neil explain this to you. Source.

Last say

I will update this article at anytime, if i have something in my mind I'd like to share.

Thanks for reading. I wish you all the best.