A graduate of Computer Science from CSU and I've been a web developer for six years and has experienced working with different environment and teams. I also have in-depth undertanding of various programming concepts and patterns such as OOP and MVC.

I want to work with

laravel codeigniter git php javascript css html nodejs vuejs tailwindcss


Full-Stack Web Developer (HomeBased)

Crateclub Group Inc - New York

March 2018 → Current (2 years)
laravel-5.5 php vuejs html css scss tailwindcss js
  1. Write filter functionalities for all table representation that is in the dashboard for all user level or role
  2. Write email functionalities and templates, including hooks usefull in many business operation within the system, this includes registrations, password reset, checkout and many more
  3. Write import and export functionalities
  4. Write revenue reporting
  5. Write api for mobile app
  6. Write system logging for all action take in the sytem, this includes history logs, error logs
  7. Write dynamic SEO meta tagging
  8. Write functionalities related to money movement this includes invoices, refund, etc
  9. Write queue and event scheduling jobs
  10. Performed maintenance, server monitoring and deployments
  11. Write front-end scripts
  12. Debugging problems
  13. and many more

Full-Stack Web Developer

Midtown Printing Corporation Inc - Philippines

August 2013 → July 2017 (3.7 years)
codeigniter-3 laravel-5.5 php html css/scss js wordpress
  1. Served as a maintenance full stack developer
  2. Support curtomers online inquiries for SOS and
  3. Customer inquiries for midtown
  4. Write wordpress themes
  5. Write codeigniter code for step-asia


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Caraga State University
Ampayon, Butuan City, Philippines

2006 - 2012
c c++ java php html css js
  1. Study basic programming
  2. Study mathematics and physics
  3. Study basic statistics
  4. Study data and file structure
  5. Study circuit design
  6. Study algorithms
  7. Study automata and language theory
  8. Study computer organization
  9. Study database management
  10. Study system design and analysis
  11. Do thesis: A 10 Peso Classifier for coin Detection